Online Check-in Info

What is Online check-in?

Online check-in is a service where our passengers have the ability to check themselves on the internet before they come to the airport.
Please click here for airports where online check-in is available .

When can I make my online check-in?

Passengers can enjoy online check-in and select their seats for their flights before 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to the departure time.

Miles & Smiles :

Earning miles is not possible via Miles&Smiles program for flight operate by Anadolujet.

How can I make my Online check-in?

You can reach to our online check-in pages from website at on the internet and click for online check-in under online services.

How can I obtain help for Online Check-in ?

You can obtain help by clicking "help" at the home page of the online check-in section.
In addition you can call to our Online Check-in Help Unite from 444 25 38 between 08:30-17:30 except weekends.

What should I do if I have baggage ?

During online check-in the baggage info will not be questioned ,passengers with baggage must proceed to counters with drop off areas or chcek-in counters dedicated for online check-in passengers.
In case of excess baggage, our passengers have to take into consideration that excess baggage payment process will might take longer. Therefore an earlier presence at the airport is important.
Anadolu Jet is not responsible of probable passenger lateness.

When should I be at the airport for my flight ?

Check-in counters will be closed before 60 minutes for international, before 45 minutes for domestic flights.
Please take in to consideration that security check at the airport may take some additional time.

When should I be at the gate if have done Online check-in ?

To be on time, passengers must be present at the gate 15 minutes before the departure time. Please consider that security measuremets may take in some terminals at least 25 minutes.

How can I change my seat after having done my Online Check-in ?

Please click for Online check-in on our Web site, after the regular check-in process the last page you will be have opportunity to change your seat.

How can I print my Online Boarding Pass ?

For having an Online Boarding pass printing result with a barcode on a A4 paper size ,a Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format necesarry .I you have no Adobe reader loaded on your computer please click here for download.
Some stations are not eligable for Online boarding pass printing.Please click here for stations where Online Boarding pass printing is avaible.
Only printed results from your computer during Online boarding pass printing is accaptable, copies such as fax, photocopy or similar will not be accepted.

Why can't I print my boarding pass?

Your flight might start with an station where online boarding pass can not be printed.
Please click here for information about these airports.

What should I do if I can't reach my flight or want to cancel my flight?

Please click for Online check-in on our Web site, after the regular check-in process the last page you will be have opportunity to change your seat.